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Date: 01/12/04

Organization Design Forum
2004 Annual Conference - Benchmarking the Future of Organization Design
Call For Presenters
The Organization Design Forum invites you to clear your calendar for
April 14 thru April 16 and plan to attend our 2004 annual conference
in Chicago. We are seeking presenters of case studies and new
research for both plenary sessions and parallel tracks. We invite you
to submit a proposal no later than January 31.
Conference Theme: Benchmarking the Future of Organization Design
Our 2004 conference looks at the '€˜best of the be't’ in
organization design - the best practitioners, the best practices, and
the best examples of effectively designed organizations. We will be
addressing questions such as:
 - Who is doing organization design today?
 - What companies/organizations excel at organization design, and use
it for competitive advantage?
 - As we get greater complexity and scope in the designs of our
businesses with global structures, cross-organization designs, and
complex networks of partnering organization – what are the benchmark
designs that work and why?
 - What is the best mix of people/competencies for doing organization
design in businesses and non-profits today
 - What are the benchmark practices for developing skills and learning
in the people who are doing the design and implementation work?
Conference Structure and Suggested Topics
The conference will include:
 - Pre-conference workshops.
 - Keynote and luncheon speakers.
 - Presentations and case studies that provide real world examples of
design principles application and tools associated with developing
 - "Open space" type discussions in small groups where participants
can explore the issues of greatest interest and importance to them.
 - Evening events designed for socializing and networking
Suggested topic include (you may recommend others)
Plenary sessions – major themes and major new research on:
- Experiences of benchmarking organization designs
- Assessing/measuring the effectiveness of organization design efforts.
- How to measure ROI and value add to the business
- Beyond structure, what really is governance?
- Decision making processes, committees, and vehicles
Track 1: The Basic Principles and Science of Organizational Design
Contributions could include frameworks for exploring basic principles,
ways of understanding the science and ways of connecting these to
other arenas:
 - Science of complexity and how that goes with organization design.
 - How principles of engagement and involvement fit with organization
 - Managing the unexpected – how we can deal with the unexpected
that will inevitably occur.
 - Leadership and power in organizational design
 - Facilitating the whole system in organizational design.
 - The science behind governance.
 - Scientific and systematic without bureaucratic.
Track 2: Developing organization design skills for operational
managers and retooling HR professionals
 - Rent vs. Buy - what capabilities should be owned vs. rented, bought
vs. built?
 - Internal consultancies versus external expertise
 - Using benchmark data for structuring organizations
 - Design teams and implementation teams - are different skills needed
Track 3 - Complex designs and designing
 - Developing, implementing and aligning organization vision, mission
and strategy
 - Business processes, process management and the org chart hierarchy
 - Multi-site, multi-national, multi-cultural...
 - Getting work done in the real organization - collaborative working
processes, mechanisms, & tools
Submission Information
Proposals must be received by January 31, 2004. Speakers will be
selected no later than February 17, 2003. We welcome multiple proposal
submissions. Please keep the proposal to two pages or less if
possible. To download templates for submitting presentations and
additional information about the conference and the Organization
Design Forum, visit the our web site – Additionally if you have questions,
feel free to contact Brenda Price via eamil:
or via telephone: 919-662-8548.
Requirements for Post Conference Publication
Presenters’ slides will be published in hard copy to attendees at
the conference. In addition, after the conference we will publish an
abstract of the conference presentations on our Web site. Anyone
responding to this call is assumed to have accepted this and will be
required to produce these. Presenters will still retain the copyright
to original work.
We look forward hosting a conference with high value content and a
wide range of content and a wide range of participants. We hope to see
you there.
Best Regards,
Mila Baker & Christine Irwin
Conference Chairs


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