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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 01/16/04

I recently posted another paper to the Knowledge Work section of my
articles web site. It is titled "Meeting the Challenge of the Shift
to Knowledge Work" and it's about the shift to knowledge work and the
challenge of making it productive. The Foreword to the article is
shown below:


I first wrote this paper in 1983. I came across it recently while
digging through some old files and, after reading it, I decided the
issues and ideas were still relevant and that it was worth posting to
my articles web site. That it's still relevant after 20 years probably
says something about the rate of progress that's been made on the
issues. Indeed, a study cited in the December 2003 issue of Training
magazine characterizes the state of performance among knowledge
workers as "sunken."

This is the first time the original paper has been available in its
entirety. A few of the ideas in this paper appeared in the October
1983 issue of Performance & Instruction, in an article bearing the
title, "Half A Needs Assessment: What Is in the World of Work and
Working." That article, minus its needs assessment introduction and
with a few minor changes, was reprinted as a 'classic in knowledge
management' in the 2000 edition of the Butterworth-Heinemann Knowledge
Management Yearbook.

In the course of keying the original paper into my word processor, I
fixed a few typographical and grammatical errors, corrected some
awkward wording, inserted a few footnotes and devised a new opening
but have otherwise remained faithful to the original. The original
paper begins on the next page -- with the abstract.

In case any one is interested in reading the paper, the URL is as


Fred Nickols
Distance Consulting
"Assistance at a Distance"


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