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Date: 03/11/04

Dear Madam or Sir,

For my master thesis of Business Administration at the Erasmus
University Rotterdam, I'm researching the link between online
communities of practice (cop) and innovation. I'm interested in the
question whether the use of cop's, beside exchanging knowledge, also
leads to new knowledge, thus innovation.

The link below is from the online questionnaire that is part of the
research. To get an answer to the research question, the questionnaire
addresses some general questions and some statements. It would be of
great help if you would fill in the form! It will not take more than
10 minutes.

If there are any questions about the form, please email me at All information will be used confidentially.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Link to the questionnaire:

Kind regards,

Bas Teunissen
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Department of Strategy and Business Environment

[Host's Note: Bas and anyone else interested in communities of
practice should be aware of My friend John
Smith, a contributor here, is keenly involved there. ..Rick]



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