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Date: 03/21/04


Transformation of the Workplace: The Web and Work in the 21st Century
Editors: Murugan Anandarajan, Drexel University (
Thompson Teo, National University of Singapore (
Claire Simmers, Saint Joseph's University, (

"Transformation of the Workplace: The Web and Work in the 21st
Century" is volume in the series of research monographs entitled
Advances in Management Information Systems (AMIS). More information
about AMIS can be found at

The Web has changed how and where we work. The world is now connected
at the fingertip level - the exchange of information on a personal
level and business level is staggering. As the printing press was the
invention of the last millennium revolutionizing how we worked, the
Web will be the invention of this millennium. For this volume, authors
are invited to submit original conceptual, empirical, or case-based
research which enhances our understanding of Web usage in the in 21st
Century workplace. We seek to draw upon a broad spectrum of
perspectives including, but not limited to, public policy, sociology,
psychology, economics, legal, as well as organizational behavior,
strategy, and information technology to aid in increasing our
understanding. In this book we seek to capture what we know about
working in this hyper-connected workplace. Workplace Web usage can
create desirable individual, group, organizational and societal
outcomes. However, using the Web can also generate undesirable
outcomes at all of these levels. The mechanisms controlling the
interface of individual and institution in the flexible, open,
autonomous work environment created by the Web are emergent phenomena,
and the lines between constructive usage and dysfunctional usage are
just beginning to be understood. In this volume, we seek to present
an integrated picture of our current knowledge on the impact of the
Web as well as the research methods and models for generating new
knowledge on how people interact with the Web in their work functions.

The book will be completed in 2005. Important dates are as follows:
1. Submission of abstract: May 30th 2004
2. Authors notified: June 30th 2004
3. Submission of full papers: August 15th 2004
4. Reviews sent to authors: September 30th 2004
5. Resubmission of chapter: October 30th, 2004
6. Final revisions due: December 15th 2004

Submission Guidelines: all submissions must be made by electronic
mail to: Murugan Anandarajan ( Submissions must be
in English, and should represent the original previously unpublished
work of the authors.


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