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Date: 04/26/04

Replying to LO31030 --

Responding to Chris McRae's posting on measurement of goodwill in

Outstanding topic and a "wildcard" in organizational behavior and
productivity. The subject of goodwill is underappreciated and not
sufficiently established in the lexicon of management. While we are
clearly economic organizations, productivity is affected by the
dedication and commitment level of associates as individuals and
teams. The recommendation that Chris forwards in regards to
measurement of direction and accumulation or dissipation of goodwill
is sound. I was shocked to read an article in a major publication,
Forbes or Fortune, that 80% of U.S. employees intended to seek
employment with an alternate firm upon recovery of the economy. The
steps taken during the downturn, and their communication and
implementation, seems to have damaged goodwill with the workforce.



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