Sketches of Masters LO31071

Date: 04/27/04

Dear LO,

"It is also dangerous to walk in such a dry river bed, even though the
chance of getting caught by a torrent of water is very slim. The
reason is that rain might have fallen so far way that one do not know
that it happened and thus that a wall of water is on its way. I have
seen once such a wall of water coming along a dry river bed. It was
frightening. It was a rolling front of water with soil and debris
rather than the gradual rising of clear water. It is the same with a
person not being able to manage the digestive phase of his/her
creativity. For several years little will happen and then suddenly the
gush of creative free energy is so violent and chaotic that many
people suffer from it." AM deLange

Andrew and Bucket ;-)


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