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From: John D. Smith (
Date: 04/22/04

CPsquare is pleased to offer its online Foundations of Communities of
Practice workshop starting on May 10th, presented by Etienne Wenger,
John Smith, and Bronwyn Stuckey. This online workshop examines what
communities of practice are, why they are important, how to develop,
nurture, and leverage them, and how to build a knowledge strategy
around them.

The workshop simulates a community that's global and generative. It
provides the opportunity to consider community issues in general and
examine a range of specific communities of practice, whether presented
by our guest speakers or by workshop participants. The experience of
the improvisation that's necessary to make a community work is
powerful and is something you really can't get from a book. Among
other things participants collaborate on projects in a community
context on community themes, including:

* Assessing the readiness of an organization for a community of practice
* Exploring portal technology from a CoP perspective
* Developing a community start-up kit
* Teasing "readers" of an online forum to make substantial contributions
* Examining feature-sets of online tools; how to make do with what you have
* Roles of CoPs in specific organizational settings

In addition to working on a project of your choice with others, as a
participant you have access to the projects that have accumulated over
the years. Some samples are available, along with news, and other
details on the CPsquare educational offerings blog:

The workshop space is like a curriculum and the workshop schedule
itself is designed to be meaningful:

Participation in the workshop involves asynchronous web-based
conferencing, scheduled teleconferences, and participant-organized
meetings over the Internet. Mentors from previous workshops augment
the simulated community, the faculty, and the guest speakers to
provide a very rich experience of learning in community.

The workshop participants come from many different industries,
countries, organizational settings, and professions. Guest speakers
from leading companies discuss their experience in implementing
community- based knowledge strategies. Details and registration forms
are posted at:

* John D. Smith - V: 503.963.8229
* Foundations of CoP starts May 10:
* Unthinking respect for authority
* is the greatest enemy of truth. - Albert Einstein


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