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From: chris (syntagm@icon.co.za)
Date: 05/09/04

Fred Nickols writes:
> There is an excellent interview with Richard T Pascale at the link

I am deeply grateful for the pointer to this interview. Thank you very much.

While I am at it allow me a few brief words about AT

His health took a brief (but reversible nose-dive a week ago). Cardiac
dysrhymtmia (abnormality in the rate, regularity or sequence of heart
activity) as a result of a critically high level of iron in his blood.
It stabilised after a few days and At was allowed to go home again
(having been taken up in intensive care) I spoke to At a few days ago
and though tired he was in good spirit and missing you all very much.
He sends his love and 'best wishes'.



"chris" <syntagm@icon.co.za>

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