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Date: 06/01/04

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Chris, what do you see as the relationship between goodwill and trust, or
>are they pretty much synonymous? While we're at it, how does "trust flow",
>which you've written about before, fit in to the picture?

I trust the Junkyard dog, he communicates with candor and behaves with
integrity. If I go near he growls, too close and he bites.

Do I trust my aunt? She means well and will try to do what she thinks is
best for me. However, she may not know what it is nor how to do it.

I may trust an associate, at a future time, will defer their self-interest
to behave as previously promised (contracted) even if I am no longer able to
enforce the promise. This is the Prisoner Dilemma type of trust.

So, it seems to me that trust entangles communication, integrity, capacity
and intent.

doug merchant


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