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Date: 06/02/04

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   but which ideas? we began with fear, hunger, sex drive. words
   came from noises which meant danger, lust, something not genteel,
   something not sophisticated. i believe in the power of words, but
   not words like 'monadicty' or any of its cousings. why do we not
   speak plainly to each other, particularly here, where language is
   our only means of understanding each other. i do not see you,
   Andrew, a thing very different than saying 'i see you' to one of
   my friends. this academic need of western man to find new words,
   to find more complexity in places where there is none makes me
   fear for knowledge, for intellectuality. can you read Baudelaire
   and understand all of the innuendo? can you read Goethe and
   understand all of the history with which he surrounded his words?
   can you understand the poetry of Garcia-Lorca without understding
   his choice of mates and political friends. to hell with
   essentialities. to man with essen! tials. before we befuddle
   mind with language more, we must clarify and forget our academic
   aspirations. man loves to be understood. superman loves to be
   ununderstandable. i don't like Nietzsche.

   John Zavacki

   "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have
   ended up where I intended to be."
       -Douglas Adams

>Hello dear Don,
>I sometimes see the world as a great eye, blinking in cycles,
>though these
>cycles are not all 12 hour, ''on'' ''off'' cycles, but are
>uncountable cycles
>of lightedness and darkedness, from which streaming much arises.
>In the PPt file are four pages. They all derive from a single
>cycle of
>creativity. No.I is the only one ;-) in a cycle of inumerables;-)
> is (they
>are) like a conveyor. The four are part of a one whole series,
>one that i have
>only just begun to co-create, for a cycle of essays, for a
>project titled,
>"Educational Insights". They were begun a few days ago in London,
>the continue as i
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