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From: Joy Karriker (
Date: 06/23/04

The 12th Annual
Craft of Reviewing Workshop

Sponsored by the OB, BPS, HR, OMT and RM Divisions of the Academy of

Sunday August 8, 2004
10 a.m. ^ 12 p.m.
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
Salon 820

What constitutes a good review, from the perspective of the editor and
from the perspectives of authors? What are the differences between
reviewing qualitative and quantitative papers? What about reviewing
theoretical, as opposed to empirical, papers? How should reviewers
handle papers outside their areas of expertise? How is the craft of
reviewing changing and how must reviewers change?

These questions and others will be addressed by the 12th Annual Craft
of Reviewing workshop. Reviewing is a craft that not only requires
specific skills, but also requires judgment. The purpose of this
workshop is to help new reviewers begin to develop their skills and
judgment through interactions with a panel of experienced reviewers
and editors. The workshop will begin with brief presentations by the
panelists, who will provide a variety of perspectives. The remainder
of the session will be an open forum for discussing all aspects of the
craft of reviewing.

Though the workshop is designed for doctoral students, junior faculty,
and ad hoc reviewers, all Academy members are welcome. No
pre-registration is needed.

For further information, please contact either of the co-chairs.

Lucy R. Ford, Rutgers University (
Joy H. Karriker, Virginia Comm. U. (

Herman Aguinis, University of Colorado, Denver
Jim Westphal, University of Texas, Austin
Larry J. Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

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