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Date: 07/02/04

Dear LO,

from a wiki web site....

"Triple Loop Learning involves principles that go beyond insight. This
is harder for me to describe. ... it relates to identity: who are we,
what business should we be in, how do the ethics of the solution match
with our ethics. I believe that if [for example] you solve a
[software] problem with an organizational pattern, you're working at
this level. I haven't seen many patterns at this level, but I'm
guessing they'd be dynamite patterns." End quote.  -- Jim Coplien

i have no idea whatsoever in what context Peter Senge suggested that
(...and with neither libel nor malicious outcome intended) if one were
to replace the entire board and the ceo of a leading company, like
Pepsi, with chimpanzees it would be about five years before any
results either way would ''show up'' in the company's 'results'. I
suppose this is merely a radical extrapolation of a ''bottom up'' and
emergent theory of system dynamics ;-) ...Whatever.

My intent is to design and to deliver a leadership and human
development programme. i'll be broadly using by incorporation the
patterns; the Seven Essentialities and the Five Sustainers of Human

i wonder if anyone in/on this forum has an opinion as to whether or
not the seven essentialities and the five sustainers of human
creativity, discovered as ''patterns'' by At de Lange formerly of
Pretoria University might be such a powerful ''pattern''? ( i don't
like the term ''dynamite'' ~ though, i do make the connection between
a certain inventor and supplier of said product and a prize that might
be given to such a ''pattern'' discoverer, seriously!)

I see the early phases of such a programme reflecting a 'coming into
awareness' of what the SE's and the FS's represent as models of  more
natural human understanding and place in events, systemically. More
truly systemically!

Let me take you to a personal edge of  understanding. come with me to
an/the edge of a triple loop tripled and tripled again...all you have
to do, so far as i can see, is to follow the next few lines imagining
your are someone repsonisble for the whole life of another...

"...the amplitude of (the) plane waves increase through constructive
interference, while they can also vanish through destructive
interference (constructive and destructiveve are to be read as
italicised;-). NOW ;-) ...In integrable systems (because the wave
vector is constant over time) by superposing the plane waves, we can
reconstruct trajectories at any moment (repeat for dramatic effect) WE
to consider here is that the trajectory is no longer a primitve
concept, but rather a derived concept as a construct of plane waves.
It is thus conceivable that resonances may threaten the constructive
inferences leading to a trajectory. Given that a trajectory is
represented by a point in phase space, we can see that the collapse of
rajectories would correspond to a situation in which a point
decomposes over time into a multiplicity of points, exactly as the
diffusion process (Progogine) discussed at the strat of his work [The
End of Certainty]. The same THE SAME initial conditions would then
lead LEAD to a multiplicity of trajectories, as was also the case in
the diffusion process. -- Through an exposition of employing the
LANGUAGE OF WAVE VECTORS...we then arrive at a description of "... (it
seems to me) SPLACEs...(i could be wrong...however)

Creation Fragment


[ a dynamical event transforms the vacuum of correlations into a
binary correlation 1, -1  -- A creation of correlation diagram or
CREATION FRAGMENT is countered by a (complementary?)

Destruction Fragement DESTRUCTION FRAGMENT


"Then Poincare resonances effect the statistical* descriptions
(*beyond physical three dimen(t)sional modelling?) coupling now
dynamical processes much as in music. [In Prigogine's example ..] they
couple BOTH creation AND destruction fragements, leading to new
dynamical processes that start out from and return back to the same
state. "

"These are seen as bubbles. These bubbles correspond to events that
MUST BE CONSIDERED AS A WHOLE. [ ''as a whole'' is italicised by
Prigogine] They intorduce NON NEWTONIAN elements in that no analogue
(model?) of such processes exists in trajectory theory. Such processes
use drama (are dramatic) in effecting dynamics because they break time
symmetry. InDEED they lead to the type of diffusion that had always
been postulated in phenomenological description and theories of
irreversible (IRREVERSIBLE) processes--."

[This approach of Progogine]... "includes all the usual [ ******]
theory ;-) but only as a special case...traditionally it appeared
that only a few (say two-double;-) would be sufficient to reestablish
equlibrium if disturbed at the at the (some) initial time (S~PLACE).
Our (Prigogine's) approach, on the contrary, takes into account the
the progressive buildup of higher and higher correlations involving
more and more (******). This process requires longer time
a result, irreversibility leads to long memory effects that profoundly
alter macroscopic physics."

"Suffice to say that we are beggining to uderstand what
irreversibility REALLY means (writes Prigogine) ...Let us consider the
simple analogy of the aging process. On our time scale, the atoms that
make up our body are immortal. What is changing is the realtions
between the atoms and molecules. In this sense, aging is a property of
populations, not individuals. This is also true of the inanimate

"...that start out from and return back to the same state."

My dear LO Learners ....while i was some little exile of LO
;-) i made some new learning relationships. One was with a group of
thinkers, and doers in the realm of enatcive and embodied teaching and
learning...i shared my work with them just as they had shared their
work on the great circle that is this web or relations, the internet.
I did some creating for such artipiece ;-) is titled
Socrates and the sub-title Who Am I? I placed with the image the words
of an author who inspired the author of the paper i was illuminating
;-) " The individual can release himself into his own inner time and
rediscover ways in which objects arise, the ways in which experience may result in the effecting of new syntheses within
experience; it may result in an awareness of the process of knowing,
of believing, of perceiving." Maxine Greene.

I wandered as i do, and i found a few more words, which i attached to
the same..."Symphony or embryo, the principle is the same: the more
complex the pattern, the more important the silences."

There are both shallow and mean silences and there are deep and
profound silences. Very few can denote the almost inconceivable
difference on such a map is this forum, or any other, let alone in the
vastness of the territory.

My own sense tell me that somewhere, somewhen, somehow and somewhy the
above is fundamental to issues of leadership. Maybe it lives in a
domain beyond but including single, double and triple loop learning
and leadership...? Maybe you fellow travellers have some views
constructive and destructive on this and that ;-) ?

I have written this contribution with my friend At de Lange in mind
;-)...but i am dedicating it to all the people, near and distant who
have ever cared for him because that is the deeper nature of what i
sought to say.

I think it may be a new time,... a new time to more directly challenge
all kinds (sic) of leaders. So much looking into past as
present...ho-hum...what a decrepit and pseudo industry is so much that
passes for organizational literature and action...what a vicious
circle...with so little creativity because...what(?) misses the
point in the phase space (?);-)...

That... " Science is a dialogue between mankind and nature, the
results of which have been unpredicatable - Becoming is the sine qua
non of science, indeed of knowledge itself." and later..." No
speculation, no teaching has ever affirmed an equivalence between what
is done and what is undone; between a plant that sprouts, flowers and
dies, and a plant that resuscitates, grows younger and returns to its
original seed; between a man who grows older and learns and one who
becomes a child, then an embryo, then a cell." (Prigogine)

Then, i stepped outside that 'equi--valence' ...i saw a vast desert, a
single man on a vast horizon...surrounded by...





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