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Date: 07/08/04

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Hello Marysa de Veer and LO,

Downstairs in ;-) our tiny tv set, Sir Richard Attenborough is
narrating film footage of elephants in Africa. How strange in
synchronicity's terms that that should be so when the complex pdf.
attachement (2.9 MB) is ready to send. And how strange also, that you
should have in your studio a drawing i gave you, by Rembrandt, of an

>... an elephant and I ~ Tsavo Park Kenya - on a hill overlooking a
>look out clambering up - coming face to face huge ears, huge body, large
>trunk, fantastic tusks, elephants eyes looking directly into my eyes,
>the eyes of an 11 year old girl - the picture stays with me today as
>though it was yesterday the elephant could have destroyed me if he had
>wanted to but no, there was a quiet but powerful dialogue between us
>before he ambled off back down the hill from whence he had come...

>Jaworski describes his experience of coming face to face with an
>ermine in much the same way we humans connect with one another on such
>levels without examining why or how equally we can clam up. How does
>one break down such blocks?

>We come back to my elephant, and the unconsciously reached level of
>communication between a wild elephant and a girl. If one can fathom
>the construct behind why people dialogue barriers occur we may have
>the seed of a solution in overcoming them.

I have been very privileged to have my work in the wider sense
associated with an interview of Jaworski. The ten or so images were in
fact created by people on a 'synchro-nous' workshop i ran back in
2001. I sent them in advance of publication for him to see. He was
very kind, in that he replied to receiving them, noting that they
conveyed something that in his writing he could not. I think in that
he was alluding to the ''tacit'' element that encompasses ;-) any
original artwork, on any scale.

I am very interested right now, in learning more about people's
experiences of ''double'' and ''triple loop'' learning. I think that
dear At, in relation to Leo's recent re-investigations of the Seven
E's is very certain that to really;-) appreciate the Seven E's one has
to become somewhat ''self propelling'' as a learner, and that
requires, i.m.h.e.(xperience) quite high levels of ''taciticity'';-)
see for example his March 1998 Essentialities and self-learning
LO17610, in which an early heading to a paragraph is concerning TACIT
knowledge ...

>Thus, the first major facet of our self-learning of the
>essentialities will be to let our tacit knowledge on them emerge to
>the higher level of formalised (articulated) knowledge We will have
>to struggle to put into words those things which we know, but never
>have commited to words before. This is the first thing to do if you
>wish to participate. Hence NB you cannot participate as only a reader
>- you must participate >also in writing.

I suspect you'll be following that particular thread in At's rich
tapestry;-) ...I have attempted in my file to create something of the
way my mind tacitly and more formally slithers from s(l)ide o-o
s(l)ide...from nascence of some becomings to more formal beings and
back to becomings is of course not possible to show
anything but a small percentage of the to'ing and froings of my
creative processing in a ''powerpoint'' as it is to and by
so many constraints...but i think that some ''tacit intelligences''
well and openly applied to each page, and any combinations thereof
pursued, might pull up some very deep learning for anyone who wants
to...''go there''.

You know perhaps that Miriam has been working with the destitute in
Cambodia...she has sent me three long journal entries...i think the
contents are vital, part is contained in the pdf attachment. You
remind me of Miriam, and May. May is in the pdf as well. Miriam is
having to come to terms with leaving some very dear people behind her.
I have reminded her the world is round;-)...but she said one thing
that make me fill with what At calls ''righteous anger''...she says
that her experiences with the Cambodian people has taught her that
beyond all other things, the learning demands ''responsibility''.

[Host's Note: Andrew's pdf is at
. Rick]

I'll close with that reflexive thought.



North Moreton


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