Organization Design Workshop LO31130 -Philadelphia

Date: 07/27/04

"Creating the Designed Organization" Workshop
September 29th , 30th & October 1st, 2005 [Host's Note: 2004??]
Philadelphia, PA

The Organization Design Forum is pleased to announce a public offering
of the workshop entitled "Creating the Designed Organization". This
workshop provides the basic concepts and pragmatic instruction in the
tools and methodology for organization design. It presents a concise,
easy to understand 7-step model for creating an organization with
increased competitive advantage. Experiential and practice components
are built into each of the modules. The workshop has been delivered
internally to companies such as Barclay's Bank, plc and Bank of
Montreal. Other participants have come from organizations such as
Bose Corp, United Air Lines, Shaw's Foods, American Family Insurance,
and SAFECO. Additional information, including learning outcomes and
the high level design, can be found at

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