Date: 07/12/04

Dedicated to Suntay and Miriam (8th July 2004)

> In 3 days I leave my beloved Suntay, probably forever.  She says I am her
> family... she has none.  I have told her I will come back, but if I do, how do
> I know she won't be selling her starving children to pay for her husbands
> AIDS drugs that will turn him blind? M

Pre-amble ;-)

This contribution is a not-so-clever (never had the education
required) no so sa v v y (never made the professional connections)
exercise in that part of human experience that arises from our
experiences soemtimes referred to as emotional intelligences, part
phenomenological and part not. A part of the phenomenological part has
been altered. It is now less foggy ( as in 'the fog of war' -- for
clarity and pertinence to an LO -- think 'intelligence' and
consequences of not living long enough in the ''fuzzy logic'' that is
often the annoying background kinder thinking sometimes required for
sounder decisions;-)

Dear LO,

I recently wrote (approximately) about,

.. dreamtime too, re-writing of some mythic stories ...a pic file .
that invoked the response seen, there were others unseen, unexpected,
later, consequentially, or knot as the case may become;-)...seeing in
fog is a funny thing.(SEEING IN FOG IS ALSO AN UNFUNNY THING)..for
example, some things look further away than they actually are, while
others sound closer than they really are... (METAPHOR) which makes me
wonder (MISTY) about this thing called ''reality'' continue
to live in and out of my dreams... ....(( for a ''reality check''
(sic) in context of LO understanding type in Google search engine --
At de Lange Learning-org reality)) ...some information about the
..nature (NATURE) of the image in (IN?) the PPt, which itself is
rather groundless ;-) (GROUNDLESS)"


Rick, interposed

"[Host's Note: Andrew's PPT is at

And, I think it is a very interesting image!

. Rick] "


and i pasted in an appreciation of one aspect of the kind of imagery
it represents (RE-PRESENTS = MODELS ?) Think Map now think Territory,
now think both at the same time....Gotya! (GOTTCHA)

"Notes of an Aesthetic Nature

Art [this] is [in part] not anymore so concerned with the recognition
of the part, as in the figurative representation for example, being on
the other hand dedicated to the emergence of the Whole; and in the
paradigm shift, etc.,"


At this point you may be getting confused, lost. (Perhaps) your memory
fails to bring back to the (a) foreground of mind (consciousness at
some higher level) the above 'semantics' (find that) you have to
think (half reason half emotion) if you can be bothered to wander off
right now (whenver that is for you LI) in a looping effort,
backtracking through reality (REALITY) on/in the (YOUR) map


Whenever i have gotten lost, as i hope my files in the past bare
witness (WITNESS in the phenomenological sense of my meaning making) i
have approached the source of INTELLIGENCE as first person
singular...latest this month being Chris Lofting, before that Stanley
Salthe (2003), even the late Ilya Prigogine (2001-2)...sure, there
have been some rather unpleasant ''puffed up'' little souls who have
sent me their CV and 'work that must be done' (so please infer ..."Mr
Campbell, unlike you, i have no time for your .....) Knot ever knowing
what ''time'' is and the distinctions to be had from its deeper

(Try to see something long and large coming on the personal event
horizon..."t'is like a whale..."..( an arcane reference to that well
know Shakespearian duologue;-)

And so it is, as with all good fairy stories ;-) that...for a few
years now i have tried to follow the work of the people who explore
and exrapolate some theory of (T)time and physics. peter Beamish is a
good fellow in offering a helping hand ;-) when i (or another) need
some clarification. I have written about him and oft' quoted him here
and elsewhere over the years as a transdisciplinary
(TRANSDISCIPLINARY) aspect to the general learning culture here (?) recent posts there were these exchanges. (BELOW PASTED) Make of
it what you will. My interest in this is starting to gel in relation
to my limited understandings of EI, and embodied
(enactive) systems of education...among other things. I ought also in
relation to my dear Bucket point to Rupert Sheldrake (London,
Cambridge and Schumacher College, Devon) who takes a rather open and
yet rigorous view that those friends of ours in kingdom animalia
(KINGDOM ANIMALIA) like Mr. Bucket of North Moreton are worthy
'subjects' as well as 'objects' for our cultural consideration.

And i ought to mention in that respect that one of Rembrandt's
greatest 'self portraits' contains ;-) a massive ''hunting poodle''
which, some scholars think, may have been added to the painting by
'another hand' some (time) after the picture was (finished;-) [ 1631 -
Panel . Paris, Petit Palais, Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de
Paris] It also contains a lot of fuzzy, dark, confusing background
(space) but we won't go into that NOW ;-)

In a message in another place ;-) quoting several correspondents peter
beamish works through the topic "Why is time cyclic?"

Hitoshi ( a principle investigator of the physics of time) wrote:

"Hello All, We have been discussing the foundations and applications of
several aspects of time and ["Time."] Have you ever considered why time
or Time is cyclic?
The answer lies in the self-similar generation from contradiction. No
creation is needed. Paradoxical aspects of what we see generates things
and phenomena that we see.
Then naturally the most important self-simlarly generated function in
mathematics, i.e. the exponential function exp(x) defined by:
exp(x)=\sum_{n=0}^\infinity x^n/(n!) = lim_{n to infinity} (1+x/n)^n
expresses this cyclical nature of what we see.
Why this is a self-similar function is seen by the equation it
satisfies: (d/dx) exp(x) = exp(x).
For instance, a more general equation: (d/dx) f(x) = A f(x), f(0)=1
is solved by the function: f(x) = exp(Ax).
In imaginary version, this is expressed by the equation:
-(d/dx)^2 exp(iAx) = A^2 exp(iAx). And the square A^2 of a number A is
also a self application of the number A to itself.
Exactly this property of self-generation is the origin of the cyclic
nature of Time. Then the cyclic nature is a consequence of self-
similarity, and Doug's view to the world as paradoxes means that
the world is necessarily cyclic, which is the origin of Time itself.

peter Beamish responds, by writing.....

"-> Au contraire! "Our World" is not necessarily cyclic as one cannot
go "backwards" in "conventional time ct" (your "time" above, line 2).
This is incongruous, for example, because you could then kill your
ancestors, and thus, never be born!

Atso ( a third party to the thinking wrote

" There are three arrows of time."

Beamish replies that...

"-> Au contraire! Both "time" and "Time" (line 2 above), we believe,
are scalar (non moving) labels & thus such an arrow is a very
unsubstantial, unassertive and unconvincing metaphor. Atso! Tell us
just how you would "shoot" such an arrow! And if you could possibly
shoot it, then how would you "hit" your office wall, and what damage
would ensue?"

Beamish aadds CRUCIALLY imho for LO participants ;-)

"-> IT IS "MASS/ENERGY" (/ = &/or) THAT FLOWS, NOT time, Time or "TIME."

Atso! Nothing in "Our World" is "eternal" for if cosmic collision
splits our planet tomorrow, then what of our Earth's belongings can
survive ??? However one's life (& possibly "next" life) may be

Atso again said, "we can realize/see only 3-dimensionality"

Bravo! Agree! Sensible! "Understandable!" But then follows the
confusing semantics of: "Remember the story of Abbot: Dream of many

(Andrew's note: I am not familiar with this logical/semantic
connumdrum anyone able to help me?)

Beamish continues,

"Atso! There're TWO (2) definitions of dimension: I) "Spacial
Dimension," of which there are "3 and only 3 OSD's," and II)
"Variable," for which there can certainly be an "N-variable
(n-dimensionsal) matrix." Spacial dimensions which are orthogonal
("OSDs"), together with time (or Time) compose a "Four (4) VARIABLE
matrix!" Dreams can have many "VARIABLES!"

( To understand the IMPOrTANCE to LO of DREAMS having many VARIABLES
in the context of my work, contrubution --whatever-- ;-) you may have
to return to my orginal posting;-)

 peter beamish in a later message writes about the "Mind" of Kingdom

Harry [time] (another participant) wrote "Could particles be
considered 'mind spheres'?" Beamish responds;-)

-> Not a chance!!! Can you imagine a "particle" having evolved an
"Essos Hamiltonian-transducer" (Andrew offers ....see his book "TIME"
[III book], pp 124-125, ISBN 0-968995527)

Anna [time, mirai] another interesting participant wrote:

"Dear peter, yes - I can imagine." [?!?!?!?!?]

--she quotes another, Hans Dieter Franke as writing....

 : It depends on how one understands particle. A QM particle is a list
of properties, it is of no consequence that some properties - [have]
degrees of freedom. What matters is imo that the particles are
constructed on a single valued propositional calculus, therefore these
[=>] cannot evolve - ["Essos"]. If the particles - [are] constructed
on a multi valued calculus then they -[have] a multiple 'non local'
existence and this scattered existence can be understood as the -
["Event Space"]. However non-local would make no sense anymore as this
non locality - [is] 'normal'.

Beamish counters with....

"-> "C-R Theory" => All "particles" are "constructed on a single
valued propositional calculus."

The difference between single valued calculus and "multi valued"
calculus with "non locality," is that the latter can display evidence
of a "'non local' existence" via superluminal "Rhythm Based
Communication" ("RBC"). Such RBC requires I) "RTSynchronization," II)
an initial "passkey" via "Message Mimicry" (defining a "lateTime"
relative to an "onTime"), III) a "Rhythm Based Vocabulary" ("RBV"),
and IV) "RhythmicTime" reversal (declarative-to-interogative). Such
seems now the "foundation" of the science of "Paranormal Psychology"
where any two humans (any two minds, or possibly any two more "highly
evolved" "particles") can maintain a "Temporarily Absolute
Synchronization-TAS." But, as mentioned, the particle system must
evolve an "EH-t" = an "Essos Hamiltonian-transducer" ("TIME" III book,
pp 124-125, ISBN 0-968995527).

Beamish continues....

"-> We suggest, Hans, that such a system of particles can either have
a "Signal Based Communication" ("SBC") &/or an RBC local existence
AND/OR it can have an RBC non local existence, but that it can not
necessarily have what you have called "a multiple 'non local'

Hans further wrote:

"I have a vague idea that for the survival of hunters a single valued
truth concept is necessary, for gatherers it is rather a multi valued
concept of truth."

Beamish takes what i see as\a more ''both/and'' view (more foggy;-)

"-> We believe that hunters, gatherers, and all "living systems" have
SBC which can possess from 0-100% truth (in Nature's "Chamber of
Evolution") and/or RBC, now demonstrating truth (in Nature's "Chamber
of Altruism").

p.s. "Mind" of Kingdom Animalia (subject title) is in two
"complementary components:" one's conscious mind (including a Central
Nervous System or CNS) and one's unconscious mind (possibly including
all of one's living, bodily cells). The remaining Kingdoms of our
biosphere have only evolved the latter. Both minds now seem capable of
"Rhythm Based Communication."

Harry [time] wrote:

"Could particles be considered 'mind spheres'?"

(Andrew's note: i like the poetics, ...)

Beamish replies...

"-> Not a chance!!! Can you imagine a "particle" having evolved an
"Essos Hamiltonian-transducer" ("TIME" III book, pp 124-125, ISBN

-> Here is a Ceta-Research (C-R) interpretation of a "Kitada/C-R
Theory" of the conscious and/or unconscious mind of Kingdom Animalia

1) A "mass/energy" vector ("/" = &/or), approaches mind from "Ex-Essos."
2) A "Mental Vector Protocol" ("MVP") is "formed" at one's "Essos Edge."
3) This "relativistic wave fcn." transits Essos to sensory transduction.
4) Such resulting "QM wave fcn." "incorporates" "1/h"=1/Planck constant.
5) A "mental force" rotates said QM particles by pi/2 radians (via "i").
6) Such force "spins" QM particles into bidirectional "RhythmicTime-RT."
7) Such force transduces particle motions into thought/memory (via "H").

In the final message i am putting before you Beamish writes,

"Dear Hitoshi, Anna, Hans, Atso, et al. [comments in "-> " paragraphs]

Anna [mirai] wrote: "Even mind is "outside" of "I". It could be
because "I" has no form, no shape and is non-local - a true observer
cannot be mind -"

Beamish writes,...

-> Try: "one's mind IS one's 'Essos' (including memory access)!" Then
one's mind IS one's "I." Thus "I-volume" or "Mind-volume" does have a
real "form" (a "sphere or spheroid," etc.) and Essos ("Eee-sauce") is
it's "real volume," for which both size and orientation can change
superluminally. For example, glance at the photons reflecting from
your watch at a range of one metre and then, within < a second, from
our moon at a range of ~380,000 kilometres. For this case your Essos
(your "I," your mind) is expanding superluminally. So, as a result,
let us now assume that the mind can "compute to understand" in the
reverse of "conventional time t," only up to and containing one's
"Essos Edge," including one's "Now" (one's "present") or one's "Event
Space of Mind."

Beamish adds,....

-> Please recall that Essos Edge is now defined by the spacial
location where "Mental Vector Protocols" (MVPs") are "formed," both:
a) exterior to body, and b) exterior to memory. An MVP is a
"combination" of a mass &/or energy vector, with any number of scalar
quantities (inc. geometry, colour, temperature, time, number, and
other signals, signs, symbols +). For the visual "reading OF a clock,"
an MVP begins as a relativistic "photon cluster" and ends as a
"transduction" of "QM information."

Beamish adds a touching ;-) and a final p.s.

"Presumably, as a result of "RBC," a large sperm whale returned to
near Trinity on Thursday, & immediately upon our mutual
synchronization transmitted the learned (2003) "greeting passkey" (of
"RBC2000," p. 10)."


The message may become-be-become-be... (etc) if anyone can be
bothered to chart the fog, ...

as per original message

Love Each Other Superluminally ;-)

andrew & Bucket


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