Re;-) something zebra-fishy for At LO31134

Date: 07/31/04

Replying to LO31113 --

Dear At,

..the mist clears, the sun rises - darkness falls back into itself,

(by now ;-) you will have received the images of AP... a flame in
another darkness,... seemed to draw strength from a large crystal we
placed nearby...)

In the attachment is a 'loop'. (Thanks Rick)

[Host's Note: Andrew's attachment is at


i doubt there will be more, newer or better organs attending it now
than there were then.

you know - looking back over the years of LO - string and holes (sic)
patterns do (imm)-emerge, and one can gain insight from knowing, as
dear old Sig Freud pointed out, that there are these specail 'double
b(l)inds' that release little truths, so when a man say in public,
..'this is not meant as', or ...'this is not intended as', it is a
perfect self contradiction to release its opposite, to wit -
'character is what we do when no-one is watching..." ( i smile ;-)
because that little bit ;-) of wisdom was collected from a 'country
and western' singer/songwriter on the radio yesterday;-)...a lesson
from the past in the present to the future...

"Old men forget." Will'm Shakespeare

Not always, not all things.

..i have a questio -

i'll put it to self...

Can your electronic, net-set images see, hear, attend ME?

Oh yes! In each is an ''i'' and in that "i" is ''u'' - your ''u'' inverted?

Oh yes! i have the "both-and" of any "u"...

.. --- ...

In chaos search for patterns - in storms, find your angel ;-)




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