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Date: 08/01/04

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>The Center for the Open Enterprise has developed a toolset that
>measures the quality of organizational knowledge processing and its
>capacity to adapt. It consists of an application of the Expert
>Choice tool, which has been adopted in a KM methodology called
>K-STREAM (tm).

One of the most interesting 'tools' that I have used in this area in
thee past ten years is the IQ = Innovation Quotient to measure any
organizations capacity to innovate and retain knowlrdge. Developed by
Dr. Jim Higgins of Winter Park, Florida, the tool is outlined in his
book 'Innovate or Evaporate' which is as provocative as its title.

I have used it on many occasions and it never fails to produce solid
results and much subject matter for R&R = reflection and dialogue.

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and removed attitute which I felt was necessary to get it acccepted."
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