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From: Joy Vatsyayann (joy_vatsyayann@msn.com)
Date: 08/29/04

   hi everyone

   dont know if anyne even remembers me but here i am. yup poppin my
   head in again.

   just to share - i went in to hospital on 29th july with a headache
   that nearly killed me... literally! was flown to larger hospital
   in auckland(new zealand) to neurosurgery ward. apparantly me had
   an aneurysm!!!! pressure was building up inside head so they
   waited a few days. had operation. stayed in icu for 2 wks i think
   (memory is not fully functional yet). have been back home for just
   over a wk i think? yeah.

   lumbar punchers, angiograms and the rest later (had some
   cmplications etc.) i feel ok. a bit better everyday. lucky me. am
   alive. all stuff working as such.

   cant type for too long. head hurts a lot still. my second day on
   email actually. i am feeling proud of it.

   love to all in their lived and whatever they might be up to. hope
   everyone is in good health. i know i am ;)

   love and regards,
   Joy Vatsyayann

[Host's Note: Hello, Joy. Thanks for your note and glad to hear that
you are OK. ..Rick]


"Joy Vatsyayann" <joy_vatsyayann@msn.com>

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