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From: Mark W. McElroy (
Date: 09/02/04

Dear LO Friends:

KMCI is pleased to announce its next training program in KM for serious
practitioners, K-STREAM (tm), which will be held in Washington, DC on
October 4 - 8.

Among K-STREAM's (tm) highlights are the following:

 - Minimum theory, maximum practice - a hard-hitting emphasis on how
to really do KM 'on Monday morning' immediately after the class
 - An approach to KM, however, that is no less grounded in solid
social science, which tells us how knowledge in organizations is
collectively produced, integrated, and put into use as a powerful
strategy for competitive advantage
 - A heavy emphasis on hands-on exercises through which participants
actually "experience" the use of K-STREAM (tm) through scripted
 - The real world of KM 'brought to you' by multiple guest speakers
throughout the program, representing key trends in real-world KM tools
and knowledge processing solutions
 - A total lifecycle approach to KM, from cradle to grave - strategy
to maintenance
 - Free and perpetual licenses to use the K-STREAM (tm) methodology,
awarded to participants' organizations

Here is a link to the K-STREAM (tm) syllabus planned for October in

Here is a link to a further description of K-STREAM (tm) and how to

Former CKIM (tm) graduates can also register here for a shorter,
discounted alternative to attending our program in October (as in 3
1/2 days instead of 5):

Don't miss this market-leading approach to really doing KM, available
only through KMCI!



Mark W. McElroy
Co-Director, Knowledge Management Consortium Int'l (, and
CEO/Chief Knowledge and Sustainability Officer,
Macroinnovation Associates, LLC (
(802) 436-2250


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