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Date: 09/08/04

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Further information on the call for participation in a multi-faceted
debate on controversial issues in leadership, and leadership education
and development (update)

As you may know, we are organizing a unique multi-faceted debate to be
published as a special issue in Emerald's prestigious peer-reviewed
international journal Management Decision  

Its purpose is to air some of the controversial issues pertaining to
leadership. The hope is that some will be resolved for the benefit of
managers who would like to enhance their knowledge about what could
make them more effective leaders, and for educators who face the
daunting task to make theories more practically useful to learners. 

Initial responses have led to organizing the debate into 6 topics:

A. Leadership decisions 
B. Leadership behavior types, styles, definitions, theories 
C. Distinctions between leadership and management 
D. Leadership research 
E. Management and Leadership education and development 
F. Abstracts of papers 

The initial statements and the first two set of responses to them have
been most interesting.

If you would like to participate in the debate or 'listen in', please
indicate your interest in an email message to Erwin Rausch, moderator,
at  Your name and email address will then be added
to the list.

If you wish you can send a relevant statement, a response to
statement(s) from other participants, or the abstract of a paper to
be submitted later, to  Please do NOT send these
as attachments but paste them into the message itself.

Previously submitted statements and responses can be viewed in the
respective topics at (select
Management Decision - Leadership Debate from the index).  

Deadline for debate statements and responses: November 15, 2004

Update messages and updates of the website segments, are sent
approximately every two weeks, to keep all participants informed of

If you wish to submit a relevant short paper (between 1000 and 4000
words) to support a provocative statement or to expand on a response,
please send it as an MSWord email attachment to
Deadline: November 30, 2004

Throughout the debate, the email addresses of participants will not be
shared with others so that knowledge of participants will not bias
comments and responses. An identification code will be assigned to
each participant and will be used during the debate for each message
from her or him (as well as for any paper).

All papers, provocative statements, comments, and rebuttals will be
double-blind peer-reviewed for acceptance or rejection in the special
issue of the journal. Originators will be informed of rejections or
requests for clarification/revision with explanations; they will have
the opportunity to revise and/or object. Comments and rebuttals will,
of course, be published with the papers.

Interest in serving as a reviewer will be most welcome. Please contact
Erwin Rausch at

For further information please contact Erwin.

P.O. Box 457
Cranford, NJ 07016
001 908-276-5413
For further information about Management Decision see


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