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Date: 09/22/04

Dear Sir/Madam

Institute for Productivity and Human Resource Development (IPHRD) is
pleased to announce the call for proposal for the second conference on
Human Resources Development in April2005.

    The second conference on Human Resources Development will be held
in Tehran in April 2005 in Tehran in cooperation with the Industrial
Development and Renovation Organization ( IDRO) as a holding
organization which is the largest industrial developing agency in Iran
and has over 300 industrial, servicing and manufacturing companies in
its covering (through IPHRD). The first conference on Human Resources
Development attracted the national and International attention of
scientific, educational and industrial society.

 The conference focus would be on problems and challenges in
developing human resources with an emphasis on innovation, review,
evaluation and exchange of domestic and international experiences in
developing human resources.

 We welcome all conceptual and practical proposals that address the
issues of Human Resources Development in two cases:

1-Sending article(as keynote speaker)

2-Running workshop (1 or 2 days)

Please send the abstract of your proposal (Maximum 500 words) or
conducting a workshop to IPHRD not later than 15th November.

 All your expenses including the airfare, accommodation and meals
during your stay in Tehran will be covered by the conference. Your
immediate response to our invitation will be appreciated.

secreteriate of the second HRD conference

For Further Information about conference:

Iran- Tehran-Vali e asr Avenue-Taheri Street-No15-First Floor

Tel : 0098 -21 -2011698
         0098 -21 -2011674
         0098 -21 -2011759
Fax : 0098 -21 -2013500 or


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