Leadership Debate -- Call for reviewers LO31171

From: DidacticRa@aol.com
Date: 10/04/04

Please forgive cross-posting

Reviewers will be needed for papers, and for statements and comments,
submitted to the Leadership Debate to be published in a special
edition of the Emerald journal Management Decision.

A reviewer can choose either to review one or more papers, or the statements
and comments offered for one of the following topic areas:
 A. Leadership decisions
 B. Leadership behavior types, styles, definitions, theories
 C. Distinctions between leadership and management
 D. Leadership research
 E. Management and Leadership education and development

Reviewers names and affiliations will be acknowledged in the journal
(without identification of items reviewed).

Please respond directly to Erwin Rausch, editor of the special
edition, at didacticra@aol.com

Many thanks,




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