Ego LO31184

Date: 10/20/04


In a private mail some-one has asked me what my thoughts are on the
place of the ego in relation to human creativity. Ego
(psychology-psychoanalysis) and creativity (human) is a big and
complex topic. It may underpin a lot of what constitutes ''authentic

I asked my correspondent if they would prefer a private airing of my
thinking or a personal one, between us and off list. They expressed no
preference, so -- if there are half a dozen others here who'd like to
see inside my mind on the topic "Ego and Human Creativity" i will make
something for LO about it. I will try also to thread my specialism,
the visual fine arts into the general and current ''best'' (imho)
thinking and doing in the organizational literature i have found.

If anyone want to know anything specific if relation to a human
process problem withing their own discipline i'd be happy to try to
attend to that as well.

love and warm wishes;-)



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