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01 Apr 97 09:37:47 EST

Replying to LO13072:

Margaret McIntyre wrote: "Keith points to the sales reps not sustaining
the practice of spending time each day on important not urgent issues
every day. Perhaps we could look for the systemic reason why this
practice was lost and find more powerful ways to intervene in this
dynamic. I am still in my inquiry as to how to effectively enter a system
that is in this chaotic overwhelm."

I don't believe there is an effective way of entering the system you
describe ... unless you can be sure it won't overwhelm you.

People generally are positively overwhelmed when others communicate with
them. That kind of communication inspires them. They are negatively
overwhelmed when they are flooded with inputs that do not value them as
individuals, rather as receivers of messages. That kind of communication
can leave them feeling de-personalised, helpless and unhappy.

Doubt takes over from self-worth ... 'what if I delete something
valuable?' ... rather than 'I'm going to take a stand here - and face the
consequences. I may be deleting important things .... but if it's that
important, I'll hear about it anyway. I trust in my ability to sort out
any problem that results. However, I will let people know what I intend to
do ... I'll let them know MY way ... orally.'

The problem is solved when people take charge of the way in which they
communicate ... both as speakers and as listeners. Part of that is to do
with respecting the other party.


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