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Leon Conrad (100755.1675@CompuServe.COM)
07 Apr 97 16:00:52 EDT

Replying to LO13124 --

I'd like to offer my own thoughts on 'Goodness'. I would like to refer to
'integration', 'harmony' and 'balance' here as an alternative avenue to go

In business, the more harmonious we are within ourselves,the more we can
integrate and balance 'the Good' and 'the Bad' within us, the more likely
we are to act in harmony with ourselves, others, with our environment,
with the universe.

I don't know what 'the Good' is. I know it exists - it is defined as a
counterpart to 'the Bad'.

If I continue to think along these lines, this dualistic way of thinking
leads to the following questions: If I try to eliminate 'the Bad' and
strive only for 'the Good', will I succeed? What if I aim for what I
consider to be 'the Good' and it turns out later, with hindsight, to be
'the Bad'?

However, I also conceive 'Goodness' and/or 'the Good' as abstract
concepts, like 'truth' or 'purity'.

Using this way of thinking, I find a deeper level of understanding emerges
... one that is non-dualistic, yet contains duality, i.e. taking 'the
Good' and 'the Bad' into account and integrating them - so that they lie
in harmony and in balance, creating harmony and balance within the person.

I have found that when we manage to integrate our thoughts, words and
deeds in this harmonious way, funnily enough, we seem to make 'the Good'

Leon Conrad
The Conrad Voice Consultancy
website: http://www.actual.co.uk/conrad


Leon Conrad <100755.1675@CompuServe.COM>

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