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Sherri Malouf (sherri@maloufinc.com)
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I have just finished reading a very interesting book called Sara which has
a simple yet powerful message in it. I will (hopefully) capture the
message with the following questions:

1) How much of your day do you focus on what you want vs. what you don't
want? So for example, when you say to someone be careful you are saying
it from a place of concern for their safety -- not wanting them slip or
fall or whatever -- what you don't want. Versus -- walk with steadiness
and security. Of course the words don't make a difference if it is still
driven by what you don't want!

2) How many of your goals come from a place of lacking? In other words I
want to make more money because I have lots of bills vs. money is an
exchange for my contribution to the world.

3) How much of your day is spent in negative emotion (or reactions) which
can be anything from sadness to anger to frustration. You see an older
person hobbling along -- do you think; I am afraid of getting old and
infirm -- or do you think -- I wonder what amazing experiences that person
has had in their years here? Or someone comes in and is angry with you --
how do you react -- after your initial response of course -- how do you
process it? Blame yourself? Blame them? How quickly do you move (and do
you always?) out of negative reaction?

I challenge you to observe yourself for one day and keep track of all of
your reactions and your wants. Watch you reactions as you drive, read the
paper, watch tv, talk to your family...

I also challenge you to appreciate everything around you -- even the most
irritating individuals and situations. I have this as my goal since
reading the book and it is very challenging.

Guess what the lesson of the book is? The only true goodness I can think

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