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Leon Conrad (100755.1675@CompuServe.COM)
08 Apr 97 16:24:33 EDT

Replying to LO13139 --

Cornie - (a) welcome. Good to have your ideas.
(b) some comments from me about your suggestions for the list:

Re: "The automatic indexing of messages could improve." - agreed - I
suggest an inclusion in the title of digests sent out of the individual
message numbers contained in each digest.

"After reading the Fifth Discipline, I find not all the disciplines
represented equally. Some absent?" Are you implying they should all be
here just because Senge has deemed them a part of what he calls a
"learning organisation" and this is an LO list? Heaven forbid someone
should define what my version of reality should be!

"Perhaps we need a systemic language" ... again, heaven forbid anyone
should prescribe how I should speak. Having said that, of course, most of
us, myself included naturally tailor the words and manner in which we
communicate our ideas to best suit our audiences, or risk being resisted
madly, or ignored. What is it you think is missing for you?

"What about including a anti-LO reference list?" Great idea ... would you
be willing to act as a receiver and compile one?

Finally, what is ubuntu? Please email me if I have asked something that
has already been aired on the list.

Again welcome.


Leon Conrad
The Conrad Voice Consultancy


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