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Replying to LO13169, in which Ed asked,

"What is the relation between innovation and creativity? Are they the
same, different sides of the same phenomenon, or different human actions?"

Pradeep N Khandwalla's"Fourth Eye: Excellence through creativity" and
Harold R McAlindon's "Effective Creativity" are good sources. In
organisations, conditions can be created for creativity in
individuals,groups which may result in innovations. I agree with ED,
Drucker's "Innovation and Entrepreunership" is one of the best resource
describing the process of innovation. Innovation is purposive and is
linked to application by user in new/different ways.

"What is the basis of creativity from a non- religious or
non-theistic(God) point of view?"

The two books refered above deal with creativity in purely a non religious
view. Creativity from non religious view is a means for product/service
development to meet human need. One can argue against this inference of
mine. However, I think, the motive/drive for our creativity is to fill a

On the other hand, the act of creating is a derivative of Gods nature,
that of creation. Since man is created in God's image, I believe,
creativity is a power/gift given to man. In this sense, I am with AT in
his thoughts about creativity and the onus on man to nurture this creative


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