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I'm currently an Industrial Engineering (undergrad) student at the
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USA. I stumbled across the 5th
discipline in the campus book store a couple of summers ago, and became
very interested in LO's, and discovered this list soon after, and try to
read the mailings as often as possible. I've found it all very
interesting, but have not been able to take any classes relating to LO, or
even find any professors who are familiar with the T5D, or LO, so I've
found the topics discussed here, a great source of information.

Replying to LO13174


During my college years so far, I have come across a three awesome
books written by Eli Goldratt, titled "THE GOAL", which is written in a
novel fromat. It deals a lot with production/inventory control/accounting
systems, however develops a general approach for problemsolving and
continuout improvement in just about any system. The second is "It's Not
Luck", which applies the same approach to Marketing, and interpersonal
conflict, and finally "Critical Chain" in which project management and
institutions of higher learning are discussed. All are written as business
novels, and are based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), and the Thinking
Processes (TP) which to the best of my knowledge were both in large part
developed by Dr. Goldratt. All should be available at just about any book
store, except for possibly "Critical Chain" which was just relesed April
1. For more info, or to order books see
A final reccomendation is a book called "Rethinking the Future"
which is a collection of essays by people such as Steven Covey, Eli
Goldratt, and Peter Senge. It was put together by Rowan Gibson.

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