Maturana in Australia LO13215 -August 97

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While engaged in one of my many futile attempts to clean up my office (how
is "The One-Person Office: a Case Study in Accelerated Entropy." as a
title for a paper?), I came across a brochure for a visit by Maturana to
Australia that may interest Australian LOers (and others).

He will be in Melbourne 23 -25 August 1997 and will present a three day
seminar on "Language, Emotion and Knowing: An Explanation of What it is to
be Human". The cost is $A 450 for the three days with early bird
discounts down to $A345 (by April 30th - that's about $US 270 - and makes
a trip from West Coast USA just about a proposition).

For more details, contact David Mendes on 03 9816 9593 (613 9816 9593 from
overseas) or by writing to Maturana Tour, 14 Dean St, Kew, 3101
Australia. Contact me only if you have trouble making contact, as I am
not connected with the tour.

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