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A study on "The Meaning and Motivation of Work into the next Millennium"
was conducted by the International Institute for Management Development
(IMD). IMD is a business school in Switzerland that specialises in
executive education.

Question 3.
Throughout the sample there seems to be a generally pessimistic outlook
for work in the future. Any thoughts about this finding????


I think this finding should be interpreted with caution. Look for
correlation in the database for a decrease or stagnation in earnings over
a long period of time.

Other factors leading to pessimisim include - "were your goals of five -
ten - fifteen years ago actuallize?" Or, "can you have an open and frank
conversation with your superior?" Or, do you feel your organization
{leads, follows, trails} other organizations in their improvement efforts.

If you have asked these types of question, and there is any correlation, I
would be interested in learning what you found.

Stuart Harrow
Defense Contract Management Command Long Island
Long Island, New York (USA)


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