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>Keith - Your post was interesting. Did your group come up with rules or
>conventions for use of e-mail in your organizations. If so, can you share
>them with me? --
>Thomas J. Christoffel, AICP ("Tom") - email:

There were lots of rules that evolved. The main one was good answers to the
following questions:
1) Does the recipient need this information?
2) Is this the right medium to send it or would an information circular be
3) Should this be in a "pull" database for reference on demand instead.
4) Would the recipient view themselves as performing a mail function rather
than a professional/management function.
5) Is the "need to know factor" on this message correct for eMail. If the
urgency is within the same day then use another form, if it is within the
same week, use another form. In other words, eMail was for items needing
distribution in a day or two. This lead to better use of voicemail
broadcasts for urgent items.

Again, the view was that it is a good medium but needs to be managed.

K. Cowan ( Created on 4/14/97 at 8:51 AM (PDT)

Original topic follows:
>I had to run an eMail pollution task force. We had created a monster by
>enabling people to send out material to "everyone". We had to make the
>"everyone" option harder so that receivers would not be subjected to the
>bad judgement of senders. It worked well.
>We had rules for when to use the phone after eMail was stuck in a loop,
>and when a personal meeting was mandatory. The amazing thing was that
>smart people were unable to figure this out on their own...


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