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Bob Williams (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 12:29:58 +1200


What should good quality annual business plans contain these days ?

I am aware (and agree mostly) with the criticism that many "strategic
plans" end up as contianing bad strategy and bad planning.

I am also aware that a common complaint about traditional business
planning is its overspecification of resource allocation and acquisition
(who should do what with what to acquire what by when) and concurrent lack
of flexibility.

I am also aware that a lot of the more "inductive" and "creative"
organisational development processes end up with a list of additional
task, which are often poorly integrated into a traditional business plan.
They also tend to place a lot more responsibilities and activities onto an
already busy organisation, which ususally means that neither get done very
well. The business plan continues to be rather rigid and
"activity/resource" oriented; and the second stuff gets translated into an
additional set of activities which don't necessarily fit common business
planning structures.

I am currently engaged in a process which is attempting to do two things
(in both cases for the first time in this organisation) :-

1. Integrate the traditional "business plan" with the "organisational
development" plan.
2. Involve a range of people throughout the organisation in this process.

I am quite comfortable with the second, but am unsure how best to
structure the first. Can anyone give me some guidence.

Incidentally, references to books and articles are little help to me,
since I usually can't get hold of them.




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