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HPO is based in Auckland, New Zealand. HPO provides consulting and
training services to the business and education markets. We aim to assist
organisations to manage change efffectively by applying systems thinking
to core business processes and by developing environments conducive to
learning. HPO has an association with HPS Inc in the United States.

We are the directors of HPO and have spent most of our professional
careers practising change consulting. Our pen pictures appear at the end
of this message.

We are curious about most things - at the moment we would love to learn
about experiences people have had with respect to introducing systems
thinking into the process of educating children.

We look forward to meeting new points of view and participating in the
conversations which take place among the LO subscribers.

Cheryl and David

David Rees

Since the early 1980's David has worked in a range of consulting positions
in the public and private sectors in New Zealand and the UK. During this
time he specialised in developing systemic approaches to strategic
thinking and implementation skills in a wide range of organisations.
Following 3 years consulting in the UK, David spent 9 years with the NZ
office of a multi-national consulting firm, providing a leadership role in
quality, change management and organisational learning. David has a
reputation as a skilled facilitator who is often approached to work with
groups who are trying to tackle complex problems involving human as well
as technical issues. Prior to his work in consulting David worked in the
social service sector in NZ and the UK providing individual and group
counseling as well as developing a range of community initiatives for
disadvantaged youth.

Cheryl Fontini

Since the mid 1980s Cheryl has provided TQM and Change Management
education and consulting services to senior executives. During this time
she worked for 3 international consultanting organisations in South Africa
and in New Zealand. Her work has focused on the planning and
implementation of organisational change. Work she has done with top teams
includes the facilitation of strategic planning, team establishment and
values identification, the facilitation of processes to ensure
participation in the corporate change process and the facilitation of the
introduction and re-design of management systems to encourage behaviour
change. Prior to her life as a consultant Cheryl worked in mainframe
computer programming, training, marketing, human resources, public
relations, TV language dubbing and as a radio announcer/ producer.

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