Learning and Trust LO13302

Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
19 Apr 97 02:10:10 EDT

Replying to LO13257 --

Terri asks a great question. .

"I like the idea of honorableness, but wonder if a person could be at once
honest and untrustworthy. Seems like they could be. And how about when a
person's intentions are honorable, but the outcomes lead to other's
perceptions of them as untrustworthy? I have a hard time bringing all of
this together. "

In many instances, these may be difficult questions to sort out, In the
context of leadership, they are not. One cannot expect to be viewed as a
trustworthy or honest leader if one does not do what one says he or she
will do.


Rol Fessenden 76234.3636@Compuserve.Com

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