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Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT) at Boston University's School of
Management is sponsoring this student award in memory of Marion Gislason.
Ms. Gislason was a gifted participant in the leadership development field
and played an instrumental role in the success and direction of the EDRT.
The award will recognize annually a graduate student in organizational
behavior, psychology, sociology, or related fields who writes the best
paper in the area of executive or leadership development. The prize will
include $3500 and a trip to the December, 1997 EDRT meeting in Boston to
receive the award.

Paper Requirements:
1. The paper must be in the realm of leadership or executive development
and must be innovative in its approach to the subject. The paper could be
either theoretical or research based.
2. The research must be the author's own original work (not co-authored),
conducted within the last two years, and must not have been previously
published or submitted for publication.
3. For research-based papers, methodologies considered will include action
research and case/field studies.
4. Only one submission per person or per project will be considered.
5. The submitter must be a currently registered graduate student.
Judging criteria
1. Relevance of the topic
2. Quality of analysis
3. Innovation and creativity
4. Application value for managers & executives
Paper Guidelines
1. Papers should be prepared according to the current Publication Manual of
the American Psychological Association and should not exceed 30 typed,
doubled spaced pages (including title page, abstract, tables, notes, and
references). Six copies should be submitted.
2. Papers should include: summary of the problem addressed by the study;
overview of the relevant literature; synopsis of the methodology used and
the findings (for a research-based paper); discussion of relevant theory
and conceptual models (for a theory-based paper); how the results were used
to solve a problem or intervene in a system; and statements of implications
for research and practice.
3. The submission should include: a cover letter from the submitter; an
executive summary of the paper; and a letter of endorsement from a faculty
member in the student's academic department certifying that the student is
4. Deadline for receipt of papers is September 1, 1997. Papers received
after September 1, 1997 will not be considered. The winning paper will be
announced by November 1, 1997.

Papers should be submitted to:

Susan Casey Bourland
Executive Development Roundtable
Boston University
School of Management
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 353-2031 (phone)
(617) 353-4878 (fax) (email)

Executive Development Roundtable
Boston University
School of Management
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 353-2031
Douglas T. Hall, Director (
Susan Casey Bourland, Assistant Director (

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