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Edwin Brenegar III (brenegar@bulldog.unca.edu)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 22:10:45 -0400 (EDT)

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On 19 Apr 1997, Rol Fessenden wrote:

> Edwin asks,
> "If we are talking about this in regards to leadership, then I would say
> people are looking for people to work with who are dependable, trustworthy
> and therefore honest. And the question from a LO point of view is "What
> are the factors in an organization which encourage people to be honest in
> the sense in which you state, as trustworthy." Another way of putting it
> is, what truly motivates people to be honest?
> Fear...rewards...opportunity to learn, grow, develop? What?... "
> This may seem overly simplistic, but every ounce of my experience is that
> what motivates honest, trustworthy behavior is the model of honest,
> trustworthy leadership. Absolutely no more and no less.
> This includes, of course, recognizing, acknowledging, and appreciating
> honest and trustworthy behavior in others, but it is truly not complex or
> subtle.


It isn't simplistic, only profound. And if what you say is true of
leadership, then it is also true on a personal level. If you want to have
honest, trustworthy relationships, then be honest and trustworthy and
eventually, those who are like minded will find each other.



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