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Cornie Malan (MalanCT@spnnis01.eskom.co.za)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 22:25:31 +0200

Leon Conrad wrote:

> Finally, what is ubuntu?

Ubuntu is the name of a cultural system used in Africa, south of the
Sahara dessert. It can also be called humanity, or good manners. For some
more background refer to the Field Book page 3.

My personal feeling about ubuntu is that it is a sytem that goes beyond
that. It is a way of giving each individual his rightful status in

Someone more or less your age is a brother, or sister. There are also
older brothers, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers. This
status is not initially earned, but awarded, to anybody that crosses your
path, even complete strangers.

A social contract is set up, "I see you, my father". The two parties are
you, and the stranger of about your father's age, "father". The contract
now exists. The father son relationship is now established.

For me ubuntu goes beyond respect, or accepting the importance of others.
It recognises the worth of the other person without question. What I
learned from it is how simple it could be to do just that.


Thanks, Cornie Malan (+27)11-871-2277

PS: Show up, be aware, tell the truth, and don't panic!

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