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Tue, 22 Apr 97 11:48:51 PDT

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to tell you about my new venture, an Internet Dialogue Group
for Human Resource specialists. The value of the LO group during my 18
months of participation was my inspiration for starting this new sideline
to my compensation consulting practice. Rick was of great help in getting
me started and now has offered to allow me to post this announcement.

The service went on-line April 1 and we now have 45 subscribers, including
persons from 3M, Honeywell, and Medtronic as well as many smaller
companies. Although the group is beginning to function very well, Rick
has advised me that his experience suggests that I will need about 2000
participants to maintain an active on-going dialogue. My math suggests
that if each of you just refer one person, Ill be there. Thanks for any
help you can offer.

Roxanne Abbas



Abbas Compensation Strategies invites you to participate in the comp-web,
an Internet Dialogue Network for Compensation and Human Resource
specialists around the world on topics related to pay and performance
management. The purpose of this service is to effectively meet the daily
information needs of compensation practitioners while developing their
knowledge and understanding of emerging issues.


Information Sharing:
The comp-web operates off our web site: The
service will allow participants to ask questions of each other and post
responses as frequently as they choose. Each discussion thread will
remain on the web page as long as it is active. When participants have
moved on to other subjects, the discussion thread will be stored in the
archives for later retrieval.

The comp-web will offer frequent learning group opportunities on emerging
issues and other topics of general interest. Group discussions will be led
by university professors and seasoned practitioners. Topics and leaders
will be selected by the subscribers to the service. Dr. Edilberto
Montemayor from Michigan State University will be leading a discussion on
Team Rewards in May, Dr. Gary McLean from the University of Minnesota will
be leading a discussion on 360 Degree Feedback in August and Dr. John
Fossum, also from Minnesota, has volunteered to lead a group later in the


We expect that most participants will be compensation specialists or HR
generalists with responsibilities for compensation or performance
management. This subscription will be especially useful for persons who
enjoy learning and find networking helpful but have little time available
to do either. We also expect to have many active consultants, professors
and students of human resources.


Simply go to the web-site and register. You have the option of
participating for 60-day without charge prior to processing your
subscription. The annual fee is $200.


Contact Roxanne Abbas:

Roxanne Abbas
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