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Mon, 21 Apr 1997 05:03:45 -0400

Replying to LO13174 --

>> I would like to distribute a list of suggested
>> reading and I would like to get suggestions from all of you. If you had to
>> suggest one book for reading what would it be? (Mine would be Leadership
>> and the New Science!).

Why not obtain our Complexity and organisational learning list from our
website [see sig file below]?

Just hit the site, then find electromagnet, read the instructions then
send an appropriate msg to the electromagnet admin asking for the index,
which will be automatically emailed to you. Then on receipt of the index
you can select the lists.

best wishes
arthur battram


from Arthur Battram, organisational learning adviser at LGMB, a notforprofit management advisory body supporting UK local authorities.

The 'Learning from Complexity' pack, a guide to the application of the 'new sciences' to management, is now available. It is relevant to other sectors outside of the 'local government' sector. For more info, visit our webpages at:

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