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Once there was a village in the wood. The people there made a living off
the trees of the forest as woodchoppers, carvers, and lumbermen. But the
woodland was dwindling and as day by day they watched it shrink they
worried about what would become of them. Realizing that their way of life
was ending, some of them simply gave up and died. Others moved on to
places that still had trees. Some of them decided to stay and learn to do
new things with the cleared land. And they became shepherds and farmers
and builders.

Although it might appear that the varied choices of the people who lost
their trees reflected innovation, in truth those who died and those who
remained and those who moved on did not innovate at all. Their choices
were reactions to the loss of the woodlands, but they themselves were each
still tied, in one way or another, to trees or to the land that once held
trees. And each of them was held captive by a world that no longer

But a few of the people decided to end their ties with the land and to
live off their wits. They became poets and bards; singers and dancers;
tradesmen and merchants; writers and teachers; and a few became soldiers
- but all of them became thinkers and explorers. And wherever they went
they carried the world inside them.


Lon Badgett "If we have seen the past we have seen the future wearing a wig and glasses." Emil Gobersneke

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