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Thu, 24 Apr 1997 13:02:41 +1000

I am new to you all and probably of little import to your organisations
however, I know that a lot of you have informationa nd ideas that are of
great interest to me.

I am Michael Robinson, I work for the Dept. of Employment, Education,
Training and Youth Affairs in Australia. I am currently a professional
trainer with the Dept training in the areas of Management, Change, IT, and
basically anything that comes up that is significant to Staff. I am
currently also completing a Management qualification.

I stumbled over a general feedback betwen several of you that took place
April, May, June 1995, yes 1995 in relation to Resistance to Change. My
current assignment requires me to compare and contrast theories of change
as they apply to resistance to change.

My point in writing then is this - Could I seek your input as to the best
sources for reference data on this matter or could you provide content
material for this topic. I have no problem with research (hence finding
this reference) but application of "theories" has always and still is a
stumbling block.

Any assitance would be of great use and I thank you in advance for any

Michael Robinson

[Host's Note: I believe Michael is referring to our long thread on
Resistance to Change which appears on the learning-org web pages in the
archive of our discussions. ...Rick]


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