Individual Learning Vs. Organisational Learning LO13377
Thu, 24 Apr 97 21:47 PDT

Replying to LO13309

Lon Badgett writes

>A common pattern I detect in these pages is the naive reliance on
>logic,common sense, experience, and undeniable truth as the basis for
>humans to change traditional behavior.

If Common Sense, Logic, Experience and Truth (however contextual it may
be) have not been at the heart of development of the human society, then
what has??

>The logical conclusion for someone concerned with human development
>therefore would be to control or affect our genetic pre-dispositions.

Human development has always been prescriptive of the contextual framework
of its time, be it through religion, philosophy, culture or any other such
thought altering devices (one may argue LO to be one).

It is not a case that logic is right or wrong but rather the fact that our
actions are relative and in accordance to our most natural competitive
advantage as a species "Logical Creativity" based on our experiences. I
believe this is the foundation of what we call learning.

Eutopia is the easy part of life.

Shakeel Pal


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