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Mon, 28 Apr 1997 12:14:42 -0500

The comments on _getting_ trust by _giving_ trust recall a comment from
Vaclav Havel, a poet, essayist, and also former President of (former)

"As with everything else, I must start with myself. That is: in all
circumstances try to be decent, just, tolerant, and understanding, and at
the same time try to resist corruption and deception. In other words, I
must do my utmost to act in harmony with my conscience and my better self.
. . .
In other words, if there is to be any chance at all of success, there is
only one way to strive for decency, reason, responsibility, sincerity,
civility, and tolerance, and that is decently, reasonably, responsibly,
sincerely, civilly, and tolerantly."

>From "Summer Meditations".

Michael A


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