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Mnr AM de Lange (AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za)
Fri, 2 May 1997 14:41:45 GMT+2

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Dear organlearners,

Gray Southon wrote on 20 Apr in LO13318

> Trust is essential in any working relations. If it is low, then one needs
> to rely on all sorts of formal control process (contracts, documenation,
> legal suits etc) which are very expensive. Lack of trust is very costly.

Gray, I wish to make two comments.

I have explained in my original contribution (which initiated the thread
Learning and Trust) what the difference is between trust and
trustworthyness. Trustworthyness is essential in working relations. A lot
of conflict and unnecessary expenses can be avoided when all the
participants are trustworthy.

Trustworthyness is also costly. It costs spiritual commitment to excell in
those things which characterise trustworthyness. Or to put it in other
words, it costs a sustained growth in personal creativity. Superb
creativity is not for free. Unfortunately, like truth, it cannot be
bought. It has to be earned through self excercise.

Best wishes


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