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Thanks, Deanna, for mentioning Gordon MacKenzie. I've heard him speak
twice, and he's a captivating individual. When he worked at Hallmark
Cards, he fashioned for himself a position of Creative Paradox, kind of a
corporate Merlin. No one knew what being a Creative Paradox meant, so
everyone assumed he was very powerful.

Rick, to answer your question, MacKenzie's narratives are rich in imagery.
"Orbiting a giant hairball" is his way of describing a good working
relationship with the org. you work for. The org. has its ganglia of
traditions and expectations, an entangled hairball of stuff. You have a
personal creative energy that can help the company, but the hairball will
try to pull you into it. MacKenzie argues for maintaining a dynamic
push/pull that keeps you close to the hairball, but far enough away so
that creativity and originality can thrive.

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