How IT affect org learning LO13456
5 May 1997 01:23:02 EDT

Replying to LO13450 --

Your question is an excellent one for all of us to keep at the front of
our activities.

I am really disturbed by the number of people and organizations leaning
toward letting technology be the driver. It's like mayber some members of
management are afraid they will have to become real leaders of people,
managers of activities, and supervisors of people's actions.

I actually listened to a Director tell me that it is preferable to select
technology (software) that inhibits change than to select software that
will grow with process change. He likened a word processing software to a
total interprise system that supported maintenance, operations, and
support organizations.

I see that kind of thinking as something that could strangle an
organizations competitiveness and growth. That thinking can slow
organizational learning and result in a lot of people looking for other

What do you think?



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