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Advanced Concepts Conference on Work Teams:
Product Development Teams

May 14-16, 1997
Bristol Suites Hotel -- Dallas, TX

This advanced concepts conference provides in-depth presentations by the
world's leading thinkers on product development and teams to help you
answer the "hows" and "whys" that underlie team effectiveness. The
cutting-edge ideas will be shared in hour- long sessions that include
commentary from outstanding people in business.

Presenters include:
James Barker, University of New Mexico
Larry Browning, University of Texas-Austin
Laura Cardinal, Duke University
Kevin Dooley, Uniersity of Minnesota
Barbara Flynn, Wake Forest University
Christopher Hall, University of North Texas
Elizabeth Krahmer, MIT
Sue Mohrman, Center for Effective Organization, USC
Mirmal Sethia, California State Polytechnic University
Michael West, University of Sheffield

Industry discussants from companies such as Lockheed Martin, Haggar
Clothing, Motorola, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Landmark Grphics, AG
Communication Systems, Advanced Micro Devices, and EDS will respond to
each presentation stating their position and sharing experiences in teams
related to the topic.

The Fifth Annual Advanced Concepts Conference on Work Teams is sponsored
by the Center for the Study of Work Teams, University of North Texas. For
additional information please forward your fax number or mailing address

Melanie Bullock, 817-565-2198 or

Thank You!

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