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Yes, I can... I do however need to write out the formulas in
computer-readable format... I write them in by hand at the time... And I
must warn you, my aim was more to support Senge's model, and how it
applied to the Diffusion of Innovation. (my departmen t was skeptical at
its use, although interested - the concensus (spelling is not my string
suit) was that I should at least try to provide some sort of proof. Being
without statistical evidence for the Archetype model (and having a great
distrust of such "mathematics", I applied what Calculus I could...)

Again, I will dig up the paper - dust it off, fill in the formulas.. and
send it.

P.S. -perhaps my errors can serve in the connection of the two :)

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>Would you be able to make your work availiable?

>Stuart Harrow

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