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I would suggest to you to look at the literature on Action Learning. The
key is participation. Hence its foundation in participatory action
research. I am completing a study linking decision making with the tenets
of an action learning organization. Although I have drawn a number of
conclusions from my study, the most salient conclusion is the
participation and inclusion of the constituents from the beginning led to
the effectiveness of the outcome. It was how every individual I
interviewed answered the question, How did the Dean get the commitment of
all of the people to carry out the decision that was made? I shudder when
I realize that the hierarchy still think that they have the answers
without including those who will implement "their" program. This is not to
say that using Senge's 5 disciplines as a conceptual framework is
incomplete, BUT expecting others to be enthusiastic about an idea they
have had no input into is the old paradigm.... It does not WORK!!!!
"We are Learning in turbulent times!"


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